Fukushima Hybrid Super-Microscissors

マイクロ剪刀 中刃
LENGTH: Working Length x Total Length
Small – 60mm x 170mm
Medium – 80mm x 190mm
Large – 105mm x 215mm

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The Fukushima Hybrid Super-Microscissors by Charmant are specifically designed to provide long-term, durable tolerance and excellent lightweight balance.  These Hybrid Super-Microscissors are made from four high-grade metals of stainless steel and titanium in order to provide a long-lasting, balanced, and springy scissor.  The design by Dr. Fukushima provides a no-slip and firm-grip scissor handle.   The Fukushima Hybrid Super-Microscissors come in thin, medium, rigid, and super-rigid blades, with three different lengths.  Our thin bladed scissors are comparable to extra-thin blades of other companies.

bladetiplineup microscissorinfographic

Microscissor Type / Size

for Anastomosis, for Anastomosis – Curved, for Anastomosis (Extra) Thin, for Anastomosis (Extra) Thin Curved, for Skull Base Super-Rigid, Medium Blade – Curved – Large, Medium Blade – Curved – Medium, Medium Blade – Curved – Small, Medium Blade – Large, Medium Blade – Medium, Medium Blade – Small, Rigid Blade – Curved – Large, Rigid Blade – Curved – Medium, Rigid Blade – Curved – Small, Rigid Blade – Large, Rigid Blade – Medium, Rigid Blade – Small, Thin Blade – Curved – Large, Thin Blade – Curved – Medium Length, Thin Blade – Curved – Small, Thin Blade – Large, Thin Blade – Medium, Thin Blade – Small