Premier neurosurgical microsurgical instrumentation

Selective Surgical was formally established in 2003 as a Veteran-Owned, Female-Owned Medical Device Facility. The essence of Neurosurgery practice is microsurgery. Selective Surgical is committed to importing the highest quality surgical instruments for Neurosurgery in the world. We are the exclusive distributor in the U.S. of the Original Fukushima Japanese Neurosurgery Microsurgical instruments manufactured only by Fujita and Charmant.

Selective Surgical is registered with the FDA.

Dr. Takanori Fukushima

Dr. Fukushima is internationally renowned for his research and clinical work in the treatment of skull base tumors, aneurysms, hemifacial spasm, trigeminal neuralgia and arteriovenous malformations of the brain, as well as pituitary disorders.

“The Original Fukushima Instruments for Microsurgery and Skull Base Surgery can only be obtained in the U.S. from Selective Surgical.  I have chosen to work with them as they have reliably proven over the years to have a complete commitment to improving neurosurgery outcomes”

– Professor Takanori Fukushima

Selective Surgical Inc.

We welcome your interest in our premium instrument offering and look forward to working with you to provide you uncompromising quality of neurosurgical microsurgical instrumentation.

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What made CHARMANT apply multiple different materials to a pair of scissors?

Materials/Extra hard special steel, Stainless steel, Pure titanium, Springy titanium alloy

We aim to provide you with a highly functional and quality product to deliver the best surgical outcomes. The most suitable material for each functional part is selected based on their strength, features, and performance capabilities. They are micro welded together by the exclusive technology, which was developed in a close collaboration between CHARMANT, the Joining and Welding Research Institution of Osaka University and Fukui Indstrial Support Center.